Earring Stand


A4 Acrylic Earring Stand! 

Perfect for those earring addicts! 
Earring Stand is able to hold 60 pairs of earrings (or more if you want to double up! 😉) 

Earring stand is made of 3mm acrylic and is very easy to assemble! 

➡️ Grab the two feet and slide into the slots on the earring stand! That’s it! 

Very light and able to be moved around if need be! 

Earring stand comes in Glossy Black or White. 

Choose your selection from the drop down menu. 

Earring stand can be cleaned with warm soapy water if it gets dirty. 

Please be aware that the acrylic can scratch if it is handled incorrectly. 

Please ensure that young children are supervised around the earring stand.